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Swimming Workouts for Hot Summer Bodies

Swimming workouts are a great way to get your swimsuit body started before the weather gets warm enough to break out bikinis.

Who has a body that is perfectly toned with broad shoulders and a small waist all year anyway? If you want that kind of physique, try these workouts used by swimmers to maintain long limbs, broad shoulders and a very toned torso. This full body workout will deliver that sexy & slim swimsuit body for summer!


Swimming is all about cardio. You are constantly moving and you’re going to build your distance as you build your technique. Swimming properly is essential for swimming effectively and for longer periods of time. There are four main types of swimming workouts that you can implement. All of these will sound similar as these types of workouts are a part of most physical exercise, but something different and great about swimming, is that if it’s done properly it’s way less damaging on the body.

Sprinting—It requires doing a short distance very quickly. This really builds endurance, and can be quite effective once you’ve been swimming for a while.

Intervals— Similar to sprinting, but requires a fast pace followed by a slower pace to allow the body to recover. Repeating this regiment requires the body to work harder as it adjusts to the varying levels of speed.

Circuits—Having a routine in swimming is a good idea, but alternating the strokes in the routine is essential for a good workout. It’s also important to incorporate drills and vary distances for each stroke.

Marathons—Just like in running, swimming marathons require several hours in the pool doing long distances at the same speed and energy level.

Getting a swimmer’s body isn’t easy and it takes time, like all forms of exercise, to get the results you want.

Try doing this workout and work to add some variety, as you get more comfortable in the pool. This is a 2300-meter (m) workout and should take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your abilities. A side note, most pools are 25 m long, but if you’re unsure ask a lifeguard or staff.

The Swimming Workout

  • The Warm-Up—Start your swim off by doing 300 m, or 12 laps. Generally start with freestyle, also known as front crawl. Take it easy, and get your body geared up for a great swim and workout.
  • Drills—4, 100 m with 50 m of closed fist freestyle. 25 meters of sculling where you lie on your back and only use your hands to move you down the lane. Move your hands like you’d move sand on the beach. Last 25 meters, do count strokes where you take one stroke off each time. Make sure to rest for 15 seconds between each 100 meters. The next drill is 4, 75 meters, starting with 25 meters of count strokes taking one stroke off each time. Then do 50 meters of build. This is where you start off easy, and get faster. Rest for 10 seconds between each 75. Wrap up the drills with 4, 25 m easy, focusing on technique. Rest for 5 seconds between each 25 meters.
  • The Main Set—Do 9, 50 meters descending. This is where you slowly decrease your pace. The first 3 50s should be your fastest, the middle 3, 50s should be a tad slower, and the last 3, 50s should be cruising pace. Take a minute break.
  • Swim and Kick—This is where you get to cool down a bit. Do 6, 50 meters where you swim fast for half the length of the pool, and stop to do 15 seconds of vertical kicks. Then do a fast 25 meters of your choice, followed by half a pool’s length of easy.

With this swimming workout, you’ll be well on your way to that great summer body you desire!

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