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Shoulder Sculpting Workouts That Bring Sexy Back

Posted By on January 13th, 2014 in Vitaminfix Think – Issue 70

Shoulder muscles that are lean and toned help develop a sexy body shape that makes strappy dresses pop, and turns others in the gym green with envy.

Even if other areas aren’t as tight or lean, strong and sexy shoulders make the body look more sculpted and leaner overall. As the winter months continue, it can be difficult to keep up a workout routine. But by building up shoulder and arm muscles you can maintain a wider body appearance that makes the waist look smaller. So this winter, focus on shoulders and arms!

Here are some easy at-home exercises you can do on nights you want to skip the cold and the trip to the gym. Grab some dumbbells and resistance ropes and spend just a few minutes on building those sexy, sculpted shoulders!

  • Alternating Dumbbell Press: Sitting on a backless chair, lift the weights so the elbows are at the same height as the shoulders. Lift one arm up straight, but don’t lock your arm, hold for 3-5 seconds, and lower to starting position. Do 12-15 reps 3 times during the workout.
  • Straight Arm Side Raise: While standing with dumbbells at your side, slowly raise the weights up until your arms are horizontal, and in line with one another. Hold for 3 seconds, and then lower. Do 12-15 reps 3 times during the shoulder workout.
  • Squats with Shoulder Press: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and dumbbells at your side. Squat down and bring dumbbells toward your shoulders. As you stand up from the squat, press dumbbells above your head. Do 15 reps at least 3 times during the workout.
  • Modified Tricep Push Ups: Kneel with hands out in front of you bringing your hips forward (this shifts your weight over your shoulders). Lower your upper body to the floor, and then push up. Do 15 reps, at least 3 times during this push-up workout.
  • Deadlift: With feet hip-width apart, and arms in front of your legs, slightly bend at the knees to bring your chest parallel to the floor. At this point the dumbbells should be down between your feet. Return to a standing position. Repeat  for 1 minute at least 3 times during the shoulder workout.
  • Plank Walks: While in the plank position, bend one arm to bring your elbow and forearm to the floor. Do the same to the other arm. Push back up to the plank position. Repeat for 1 minute at least 3 times during the workout.
  • Reverse Flys: While standing, bend at the waist with your arms hanging straight down. Slowly lift the weights up keeping your arms up at a 90-degree angle from your body. (If you have to sweep your arms back than try a lighter dumbbell) Hold for 2-4 seconds. Do 15 reps, 3 times.

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VitaminFix Think

Issue 70
January 13th, 2014
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