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Refrigerator Makeover: 5 Things to Say “Buh-Bye” To

Posted By on November 25th, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 63

Your refrigerator is home to many of the healthy nutrients you put into you body, but it’s also the starting point to your sexy physique.

A great looking body is 80% and 20% exercise so no matter how many hours you’re clocking in the gym, on the treadmill or on the mat doing yoga, you can’t burn off a bad diet. Give your refrigerator the makeover your body desires and start by kicking the following foods to the curb:

1. Processed Foods

Foods that are brightly colored, or contain ingredients you can’t pronounce need to go. Processed foods often are that way to extend their shelf life, and this means that many of the nutrients you want to get from foods that you eat, aren’t in there any more. That goes for anything that keeps for years at a time in the refrigerator, processed lunch meats and anything that is bright red and “berry” flavored. Toss these first.

2. Sugary Sauces

BBQ, catsup and those salad dressings make some foods easier to swallow but they also add tons of calories to your refrigerator. And they take away from all of the natural cooking flavors that blend together when you make a meal. Try adding fresh herbs and spices to your favorite recipes and go easy on those sauces. They sugars they contain not only add calories, but they also cause blood sugar spikes that can be easily avoided.

3. Soda and Pasteurized Juices

It’s tough to get the recommended amounts of liquids every day. Who can really choke down 8, 8oz glasses of plain water without having a little sweetness to mix it up, right? But sodas contain tons of artificial ingredients that are downright toxic, and have been shown to increase unwanted weight gain. Even the diet varieties. And while you might reach for a bottled juice as al alternative juices are best when they are freshly made because most of the nutrients are only available a few minutes after cutting into a fruit or veggies. So keeping fresh options in your refrigerator is best. If it’s the fizzy bubbles and sweetness you’re craving, try a combination of a small amount of fruit juice with tonic water to cut your sugar intake and satisfy soda cravings.

4. Artificial Butter Substitutes

There are a few options when it comes to butter and while you might spare yourself from the full-fat varieties, the artificial options are really no savior. Try using a plant-based oil like extra virgin olive oil, hemp seed oil, or coconut oil instead when greasing pans, or buttering toast. Just toss a few slices in with a drizzle of these oils and give your body a healthy dose of omega fats to boost brain power, weight loss efforts and joint health. Just remember to use sparingly.

5. White Bread

With so many other choices out there if you’re still eating white bread it’s time to try something new. You can pack a whole lot of your body’s daily needs of whole grains and fiber into a few slices of multi-grain bread. So skip white bread. It’s loaded with sugars that you simply don’t need, and doesn’t’ offer much nutritionally. Replace it, and rid it from your refrigerator.

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VitaminFix Think

Issue 63
November 25th, 2013
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