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Quercetin: Quell Your Fall 2012 Allergies

Posted By on August 13th, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 6

QuercetinQuercetin is the allergy fighting bioflavonoid.

Fall is almost here and so is the need for Quercetin. The familiar crunch of falling leaves, the crisp whisper of changing seasons in the air . . . and with it often comes a foreboding misery known as allergies. In fact, as seasons are elongated with climate change, and it has been documented that allergy season is getting longer. Many experts forecast 2012 to be the worst allergy season yet!

If you’ve suffered the mind-numbing, swollen, itchy, stuffy sting of allergies, then you know just how miserable they can make you! It’s amazing how much suffering can ensue from little bits of pollen in the air. From the headaches, sore throats and sinus-crushing sniffles to the anxiety caused by mere anticipation of the effect they’ll have on your work and home life- allergies are no fun! While there are many over the counter and prescription options to help combat these pesky villains, many don’t know about the benefits or extent of natural allergy remedies like Quercetin.

Quercetin is what’s called a bioflavonoid, one of over a thousand natural pigments found in the plant kingdom. Scientifically speaking, Quercetin helps to provide plants with antioxidant protection from the elements and environmental stressors. Diets rich in sprouts, greens and whole grains generally provide a decent amount of natural Quercetin, however, most of us fall short of our ideal Quercetin intake. The importance of Quercetin shouldn’t be minimized, especially for those suffering from mild to severe allergies!

Allergies occur when air or food borne allergens are absorbed into our blood through lungs, skin or intestines, causing our white blood cells to combine with other cells, causing an influx of histamines. Those histamines pour into the blood and surrounding cells, creating miserable side effects. That’s where Quercetin steps in! Being a natural anti-inflammatory, Quercetin has a binding effect on cell membranes, preventing them from releasing their pro-inflammatory, allergy causing load of histamine/serotonin into the surrounding blood and tissue. With proper absorption of Quercetin into the blood stream, the very source of allergy attacks can be greatly subdued and you could enjoy a much more breathable fall. There are many forms of Quercetin easily available in many forms, with high reserves of Quercetin also being found in many blue/green algae supplements. Quercetin is often taken with Bromelain to help increase its absorption.
• Anti-oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory plant pigment, a member of the bioflavonoid family
• Helps strengthen and maintain healthy cell walls
• Healthy blood cell walls block histamine from resulting in allergic reaction
• Easily obtainable, studies show those taking Quercetin generally see decreased allergy symptoms
This year, when you’re gearing up to take on allergy season, think about an alternative to the unpleasant side effects many allergy medications can bring with them. Allergies are sprung from natural sources, so why not manage them naturally with the wonderful healing powers of Quercetin? As the torrent of fall pollen, leaves and ragweed swell and enter your bloodstream, why not try fighting back the way nature intended?

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VitaminFix Think

Issue 6
August 13th, 2012
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