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Most Common Food Allergies You Didn’t Know You Had

It’s estimated that about 1 in every 5 Americans suffers from some kind of food allergy.

They are a common cause of a variety of symptoms that often go unnoticed. But if you find that you aren’t feeling your best, try eliminating some of the following foods for a few days and if you start to feel better you may want to eliminate them completely.

Here are the top 4 most common foods that cause allergies:

Coffee allergies are usually caused by the amounts of caffeine contained in this popular beverage. They can be difficult to detect because the stimulating effects of coffee often mask the symptoms. Common symptoms including itchiness of the mouth and throat, skin discoloration, and sensitivity to light can occur along with restlessness, nervousness and even mood swings.

Milk allergy is usually caused by cows milk but can also occur with sheep, or goats milk. This is an easy allergy to avoid with all of the milk substitutes out there like soy, and almond mil. Common symptoms range from mild to sever and can include everything from wheezing, to vomiting hives and digestive problems.

Eggs are one of the best sources of protein, but they are also among the top foods for allergies, especially in children Symptoms usually occur just a few minutes after eating foods that contain eggs and range minor skin rashes, to nasal inflammation and sever digestive problems.

Wheat allergies are very common and going gluten-free ahs become popular because many people have this allergy, and simply don’t know it. This is one of the most common allergies among children and since wheat is found in breads, cereals, pasta, crackers, and condiments it can be difficult to manage allergic reactions. Symptoms can include abnormal immune system reactions in the small intestines.

Now What?

OK, so you have a few food allergies. Now what do you do? Getting to know which foods cause your body to react as if is being invaded by a dangerous foreign substance is the first step, eliminating those foods is the second. But the third is a little more complicated. You’ll need to find foods that help keep you from craving the foods you no longer eat. This becomes easier after some time, but in the beginning it can be difficult to find foods that replace those you used to include in your daily diet. Try replacing coffee with a sweet tea variety and a touch of milk and honey, cow’s milk with soy, or almond milk, eggs with an egg substitute and foods that contain gluten with gluten-free products. There are tons of gluten-free brands of sauces, cereals and the other foods you love right here at Vitaminfix. So shop around, and find what you like. No need to miss the foods you love.

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Issue 63
November 25th, 2013
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