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Live Fearless: 6 Common Gym Fears, and How to Get Passed Them

Get past your fears and get the body you’ve been wanting. 

There are tons of reasons you tell yourself you don’t want to go to the gym tonight, but one really good reason you know you do. That body, and the health you want are right at your fingertips but getting past the fears of germs, bodybuilders and your lack of experience is standing in your way. We get it. Here are a few common gym fears, and how to get through them so you can start enjoying your time in the gym and get the healthy and sexy body you want.

1. You don’t want to mess up your body shape. Ladies fear getting bulky, guys may fear too much weight loss. And when you start working specific muscle groups you may notice a change in the shape of your body. But the good news is, if you start to see results you aren’t happy with your body is able to change pretty quickly. So if you find that you are getting slimmer than you want, cut back on the cardio. Too bulky? Ditch the free weights. You get the idea.

2. You’re fear the germs. So the guy before you on the Stairmaster was dripping sweat. Not just on the controls, but all over the machine and you’re wondering if you really need to work your glutes today. Stash a travel-size hand sanitizer along in your gym bag for times like this. Just add a squirt to an extra hand towel, or paper towel and wipe it down before you step up. No fear, no biggie.

3. You don’t know where to start. That’s what trainers are there for. Most facilities also offer an introductory session from a pro for free. This includes a BMI (Body Mass Index) evaluation, an assessment of your goals and an introduction to all the equipment. Take advantage of the staff, ask questions and get to know gym regulars. They can also help you learn new exercises and get past your fears and get comfortable.

4. You don’t want to be sore. You get rest days. Do don’t fear the burn or the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), that’s what they’re there for. If you aren’t working hard enough in the gym to be sore for a few days, you might as well not even go. Just remember that you need time for your body to repair, and the soreness only lasts for a short time, but the health benefits can last a lifetime.

5. You don’t want to embarrass yourself. So what if you do? Are you going to let that fear get in the way of getting the body you want? It’s right there for the taking and all you have to do is get over the fact that you may misuse some of the equipment, pull a muscle or (get ready for this) learn something you don’t already know. That’s all part of the process. And it’s ok!

6. You are intimidated. Yeah, all the people in Zumba are having a great time and you want to join in, but you don’t know any of the steps. You stand outside the door and pretend not to be longingly gazing through the glass window, but you are. Problem is you are too afraid to go in because you know you’ll be tripping over your two left feet. Here’s something you may not know: most of the people in there probably did the same thing. So get your dancing shoes on and go in despite your fear. You may underestimate the understanding of everyone in that room. And you’ll get your bearings sooner than you think. 

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Issue 63
November 25th, 2013
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