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Gridiron Gladiators: Live Like A Quarterback

Posted By on February 3rd, 2012 in Array

This Super Bowl weekend, two Gridiron Legends go head to head in an epic rematch. Whatever your tradition may be, relaxing with beer and nachos in your living room, a rowdy afternoon out with the guys . . . we’ll all get a front row seat as Brady and Manning compete in a modern re-boot of gladiatorial glory. Football is just that, an outlet that taps into the gladiator in all of us, our ancient, and primal urges to fight for our “team” and flex our strength to the max.

History hangs in the balance, possibly having more gravitas than the game itself. Can Brady throw himself onto the pedestal as one of games 5 all-time greatest NFL quarterbacks? Does Eli Manning deserve or have what it takes to once again dethrone a dynasty and one-up his accomplished brother? A lot hangs in the balance, but if anything is certain, it’s that droves of Americans will have their eyes peeled and questions ready to be answered this Sunday.

What makes these football greats so great? Of course quite a bit of it comes from genetics and years of practice, but they owe quite a bit of their physique to more than just the gym, nutrition is an essential part of every winning touchdown.

When Tom Brady was drafted, despite a formidable workout schedule and undeniable skill, he did not have nearly as enviable a body. Although Tom’s favorite food is onion rings, he abstains from them during football season, in true football devotee form. Since he’s gone pro, Brady supplements a healthy diet with high quality protein powders for stamina, vitamins for overall nutrition, and creatine to bulk up muscles during lifting sessions. A good protein powder is a must for those serious about their game-changing regimen. BPI, Universal, and Muscle Tech make excellent blends for various athletic needs.

The Mannings, despite endorsing junk food from time to time, admittedly owe their height and strength to their mother’s hearty, healthy cooking. Southern dishes rich with fresh seafood and vegetables graced their tables growing up, and still do to this day. The Mannings have a family tradition of tailgating with shrimp, chili’s, chicken, and veggie spreads. In fact, last Monday night Manning treated his teammates to Spicy Shrimp Cocktails, a delicious way to flood your cells with all the protein of a shrimp and the super-nutrients found in algae. There are, of course many power-packed means of getting these nutrients on a budget, try an algae based omega supplement. It may not make you a Super Bowl winning quarterback, but it sure can improve your overall health quite a bit.

Americans will consume 30 million pounds of snacks on Sunday, and it’s safe to say very few of us will counter them with an NFL-worthy workout. The amount of fat they’ll consume is equivalent to the weight of 13,000 NFL offensive linemen. So remember that kicking back and enjoying those succulent football delicacies is an American tradition, but without proper nutrition and exercise you’ll only end up a champion of the couch!

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