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Cod Liver Oil: A Fishy Way To Make Yoga’s Day

Cod Liver OIlCod Liver Oil can provide that little extra flex for your joints.

As yoga and Pilates increase in popularity worldwide, more and more people are realizing the tremendous benefits to their health and well being. Yoga has been around for centuries, a seemingly simple way to flex your physical and mental muscles, with studies across the board showing that it can benefit everything from cardiovascular health to mood. If you are new to the world of yoga, or a veteran close to total enlightenment, it is important to know how much more you can get out of yoga when the right supplements are added to your diet. Adding a little Cod Liver Oil can make all the difference.

You’ve probably heard tales of the ubiquitous Cod Liver Oil, a little pill filled with big health benefits. Studies have shown that Cod Liver Oil can have tremendous positive benefits to your cholesterol levels, allergies, manic depression, and even learning disorders. It’s not a big surprise that the latest research reveals Cod Liver Oil’s benefits to osteoarthritis and joint cartilage health. This is exceptionally important to those who are regular yoga practitioners, as Cod Liver Oil supplementation will allow you to improve your flexibility while maximizing positive impact on your body.

A recent study by Cardiff University looked at the effects of Cod Liver Oil on joint and flexibility improvement on 31 patients. In the study, the patients were all awaiting joint replacement surgery. Half were given mega doses of Cod Liver Oil, and half were given a placebo. As they went in for surgery, their cartilage was sampled and analyzed. Those taking Cod Liver Oil showed significantly less quantities of the enzyme that causes cartilage damage. Not only is this good news for yoga flexibility, but Cod Liver Oil could also play a major role in reducing the amount of joint replacement surgeries in the future. Cod Liver Oil benefits yoga specifically because the added strength and endurance it provides to cartilage acts as a shock absorber for your joints, providing them the comfort and lubrication to take your Yoga workout to the limits.

Cod Liver Oil is also rich in eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docasahexaenoic acid (DHA). The body makes these fatty acids from omega-3 linolenic acid. EPA is as an important link in the chain of fatty acids that ultimately results in prostaglandins, localized tissue hormones while DHA is very important for the proper function of the brain and nervous system. In Lehman’s terms, this oily, amber fish derived sludge is an absolutely wonderful way to amp-up your workout and your body.

• New research shows that Cod Liver Oil can play a significant role in maintaining cartilage health
• Cartilage health is extremely important for those who practice yoga, as it aids in flexibility
• Cod Liver Oil helps to delay the onset of osteoarthritis
• Yoga focuses on improving the body and state of mind, both of which Cod Liver Oil has been proven to enhance in a number of ways

Next time you lay out your yoga mat and begin to lose yourself in those wonderful stretches, consider adding a daily dose of Cod Liver Oil to get the most out of your workout!

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August 13th, 2012
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