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Cinnamon is more than just a flavor.

Posted By on September 17th, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 11

CinnamonCinnamon has many useful health benefits. 

Once considered to be more precious than gold itself, cinnamon has been used both for flavor and medicinally for centuries. It was used for embalming, an antiseptic, aromatherapy, and, of course, it adds a lovely flavor to almost any recipe. While it is no longer more valuable than gold, cinnamon and its unique properties can still be used as a delicious way to lose unwanted weight.

Cinnamon is thought to decrease blood sugar and increase insulin levels in the body. When we ingest food, your body turns it into glucose, the primary energy source for our muscles and brain. If you eat excessively our blood sugar levels rise too quickly and your body starts to produce insulin in order to combat the spike in blood sugar. It is this tug of war between blood sugar and insulin can in large part determine if you lose or gain weight. Consequently, cinnamon’s effects on blood sugar and insulin levels have the potential to combat weight gain and increase weight loss.

Cinnamon also induces a process in the body called thermogenics. This simply means that cinnamon creates heat within our bodies due to a natural chemical reaction. In order to maintain the correct balance of temperature, your body’s metabolism speeds up to neutralize the excess heat created by the cinnamon. This process keeps your body at an even temperature but also burns excess fat in doing so. When your metabolism increases you burn calories more quickly and efficiently.
Your metabolism directly benefits from cinnamon by the way it helps the body process sugars and carbohydrates more effectively. This leads to the boy storing less fat. Also, the lowering effect cinnamon has blood sugar levels has the added benefit of reducing the feeling of hunger. When your blood sugar is in control, so is your craving for food and ability to control portions. A lowered caloric intake coupled with a higher metabolism is formula for successful weight loss.

Whether as a diet supplement or in powder form, using cinnamon as a weight loss supplement can greatly aid in your weight loss efforts. You can boil cinnamon to make some delicious tea, add it to your coffee and tea, sprinkle it on your morning toast, or even mix cinnamon with honey; there are many creative ways to infuse cinnamon into your diet. However you do it, you can use cinnamon to boost your metabolism and lower your caloric intake by adding it to your weight loss plan.

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Issue 11
September 17th, 2012
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