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Leptin Supplements Can Help Curb Your Appetite
Posted By on September 3rd, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think – Issue 9

One of the most important hormones your body produces is leptin. If you’ve ever seen a pregnant woman eat like it was going out of style, you know the power your hormones can have on your eating. Obviously, the hormones the body produces that compel calorie binges during pregnancy is an extreme example of hormones dictating diet, but keep in mind that pregnant or not your hormones play an essential role in your body’s cravings for food and the how you metabolize that food. Recently, studies have demonstrated the benefits of having the right balance of leptin in your system. Leptin, with other hormones, helps to curb appetite and increase weight loss. So what does this mean for the health conscious consumer like you? Throughout your body chemical compounds, known as hormones, are produced and sent into your blood stream. Hormones, like leptin, order your cells to do a particular function your body needs. They control a wide array of actions within your body including how hungry you feel and the strength of the compulsion to eat. Leptin is used by the body to tell cells that you have enough energy at hand to metabolize and consequently there is no need to eat. There are three ways that having the correct balance of leptin works naturally with your body to suppress appetite: 1) Binding to and counteracting with the neuropeptide Y (a potent feeding stimulant secreted by cells in the gut and in the hypothalamus); 2) Counteracting the effects of Read More »

Quinoa Is A Little Known Protein Packed Grain
Posted By on September 3rd, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think – Issue 9

Quinoa has recently become a favorite among health conscious consumers because of it’s unrivaled nutritional value. Which grain has the most protein, is packed with dietary fiber, is loaded with iron and potassium, has all essential amino acids, and has been used for thousands of years to provide increased stamina and health? The answer: Quinoa (KEEN-wah). Though technically quinoa is considered to be a psuedocereal or a psuedograin (most closely related to beets, buckwheat, spinach, and tumbleweeds), it is commonly cooked and served like a grain so it’s colloquially considered to be a grain product. About Quinoa Quinoa is a tiny seed that cooks up like rice and has a mild, nutty flavor and a light, fluffy texture similar to couscous. Traditionally cultivated in South America for thousands of years, quinoa was little more than a curiosity outside of the Andes region. However, because of it’s nutritional content, the fact that it’s gluten free, and westerner’s relatively newfound openness to more different diets, it has recently proliferated throughout the worldwide food market. Why Quinoa Considered to be a super-food or super-grain, quinoa has quickly found itself in more and more kitchens. So why has quinoa become so popular so fast? In comparison to other similar foods, quinoa has more substantially more protein and fiber. Though it is slightly higher in fat content, it edges out other similar grains because of its high levels of protein and dietary fiber per serving. It has also become a favorite of gluten free chefs Read More »

Natural Coconut Flour Is The Answer To Healthy Baking
Coconut Flour

Coconut flour will help you avoid the unhealthy “enriched” alternatives. Look at the ingredients list on most processed food products and one word will stick out: Enriched.  Enriched rice, wheat, and worst of all, enriched flour, seem to be in almost everything we eat.  Since “enriched” means to add something to it and we already love wheat and flour etc., so it sounds pretty good, right?  Wrong, actually, quite wrong. Natural Coconut Flour can be a much healthier alternative for all your baking needs. Enriching foods, such as flour, is meant to try to put back in the nutrients that were stripped out by virtue of the over processing (often called “refinement”) common in modern food production.  The problem with putting these nutrients back into a food product is that it is done in a way that doesn’t give your body the actual nutrition.  Without nutritional value your body treats enriched flour as a starch. Starches are one of the poorest forms of energy for your body.  Which in and of itself isn’t necessarily bad, however, starch is the most common carbohydrate in the human diet and already comprises a large portion of your daily caloric intake.  In fact, eating too much starch has the same effect of eating too much sugar – weight gain, obesity, and the problems associated with them. If you still like your baked goods (who doesn’t like a good cake?), don’t fret you still have some alternatives.  Coconut Secret – Raw Coconut Flour is an Read More »

Healthier Common Cooking Oil Alternatives
Posted By on September 3rd, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think – Issue 9
Cooking Oil

There are many different types of cooking oil. This article delves into the pros and cons of 3 of the most common cooking oils used. From the common, like olive oil, to the more exotic like tea oil, the consumer has many choices in what oil to cook with. Olive Oil: In many kitchens olive oil is used for many cooking oil needs. It’s easy to see why since it contains high levels of beneficial fatty acids. Add to that the multitude of antioxidants, which play a role in defending the body against free radicals, and olive oil looks like a superb choice. However, there are a few things to keep in mind by using olive oil as your primary cooking oil. It is expensive, especially for virgin and extra virgin olive oil and it has a low smoke point, making it a poor option for frying or high-heat cooking. Olive oil is an excellent oil to keep around, but is best for quick sautéing, dressings, dips, and marinades. Canola Oil: Out of all the common cooking oils canola oil is derived from the most uncommon source. Manufactured from a naturally modified type of rapeseed, canola oil is another excellent choice for cooking oil. It is low in saturated fat and contains monounsaturated fat (one of the good fats) and omega-3’s. Also, it’s known for its light taste that doesn’t interfere with the flavor of the foods it cooks. Similar to olivie oil, canola oil has a low smoke point which Read More »

NOW FOODS Better Stevia Is A Healthy Sweetener Alternative
Posted By on September 3rd, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think – Issue 9

Avoid the dangers of too much sugar with Now Food’s Better Stevia Balance with inulin and chromium. Now more than ever, we love sugar and Now Foods Better Stevia can help. Always delicious and not at all nutritious, sugars have worked their way into almost every part of our diet. Unfortunately, there is no doubt that excess dietary sugar is a harmful because it contributes to weight gain and obesity. It also has a glycemic effect that raises blood sugar, and in some cases insulin, which can further packs pounds on the body. The calories in sugar, whether from fructose, sucrose or high-fructose corn syrup, or any other sugar compound, carry no nutritional benefit. But then again, we do love sugar – how can you not? What is a healthy eater who also likes the sweetness of sugar do? Now Food’s Better Stevia Balance with inulin and chromium is one of the best ways to reduce your sugar intake while not sacrificing the sweet taste you love. Using a special process to retain all of its bountiful qualities, Better Stevia Balance is a 300 times sweeter than sugar with zero calories. Unlike other artificial chemical sweetners Better Stevia is 100% natural. Better Stevia Balance uses only organic stevia plants to ensure highest quality sweetner and it’s gluten free. Better Stavia Balance also includes inulin. Inulins are a group of naturally occurring posysaccharides that belong to the class of dietary fibers known as fructans. Better Stevia Balance’s inulins help the body Read More »

Atkins Penne Pasta Can Satisfy Your Pasta Needs On Your Diet
Posted By on September 3rd, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think – Issue 9
Atkins Penne Pasta

Low carb Atkins Penne Pasta can feed your pasta desires when you’re on your diet. As with every diet, having a low carbohydrate diets means cutting out some of the foods that you’ve come to know and love. For many, one of the hardest high carbohydrate foods to resist is pasta. Health conscious Italian food lovers can rejoice with Atkins Penne Pasta. Atkins Penne Pasta, the pasta with the incredible taste and only half the carbs, is an excellent way to enjoy the your favorite Italian dishes while keeping your diet. With 11 grams of protein, 18 grams of dietary fiber, and only 140 calories, a few net carbohydrates, and 1 gram of fat per serving, Atkins Penne Pasta has the balanced of nutrition your body needs. By making Atkin’s Penne Pasta part of your diet you’re supporting a life-time approach to weight loss and management. While Atkins Penne Pasta is a great healthy choice of pasta for the health conscious gourmet, if you dump quarts of pasta sauce that’s high in sodium (like many canned tomato sauces) or high in fats (like many canned white sauces) you are largely negating the health benefits. To get the most out of Atkins Penne Pasta pay attention to what you are dressing it in. Below is delicious recipe for a garlic olive oil red pepper flake sauce that goes perfect with Atkins Penne Pasta. Garlic is widely recognized as an excellent supplement to a healthy diet. It helps maintain healthy blood circulation, Read More »

Nattokinase Can Be A Savior For Your Digestion And High Blood Pressure
Posted By on September 3rd, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think – Issue 9

Nattokinase has been used by the Japanese for centuries. Your digestive system is home to billions upon billions of healthy bacteria and enzymes that work in symbiosis with your body to extract nutrients and digest the food you eat. In fact, without these friendly bacteria, your stomach, intestines and colon would function less efficiently and be much more susceptible to attack by outside harmful bacteria. One such enzyme that aids in overall digestion is Nattokinase. Used in Japan for over 1,200 years, the importance of Nattokinase has just recently been recognized by many in the west. According to legend, the first person to use nattokinase was the famous Japanese warrior Yoshiie Minamoto during the Heian era. The army would regularly boil, dry and then pack soybeans into serving sizes for easy transportation. One day Minamoto’s horse was having digestive issues and after feeding it a serving of soybeans that were packed while still wet (and therefore were fermented) he noticed the horse got better. Since then the virtues of this nattokanise has been widely used in Japan as a digestive aid. It is one of the first known intential use of probiotics to effectively aid your body process food. Nattokinase (or natto) is derived by fermentation that adds the friendly bacterium Bacilius natto to soy beans. This process creates the nattokanise enzyme that your body uses. Best Nattokinase contains the only the purest nattokinase enzymes with all the Vitamin K removed. By taking Best Nattokinase 2000FU supplement you are providing Read More »

Organic Steel Cut Oats Add Natural Fiber To Your Diet
Steel cut oats

Bob’s Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats are a healthy, simple alternative to overly processed foods. Unlike the instant oatmeal you can get at your local grocery story, the ingredient list is easy to read and understand: Whole Grain Oats.  That’s it, no sugars, no additives, no preservatives, no food coloring, just the whole grain oat flavor and commitment to quality you want.  Bob’s Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats are made from the highest quality oats.  Grown in the northwestern United States, Bob’s Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats are quality tested to ensure the absence of impurities.  They’re gluten free and have an extra ordinary flavor. To understand the ingredient listing on a lot of food products is no small task.  Even knowing how to pronounce an ingredient can be difficult (pyridoxine hydrochloride? What?)  You have to virtually be a chemist or gastronomic scientist to really “know” what you’re putting in your body.  However, there are ways you can simplify your diet and to be aware of what you’re eating while eating deliciously and nutritiously. Bob’s Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats are naturally high in fiber, aiding in overall digestive help.  Add to that the protein and essential nutrients they provide and the advantages over instant oatmeal with their paragraph long ingredient listings are clear.  Below is a delicious recipe for homemade oatmeal using Bob’s Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats.  It may take a little longer than 40 seconds in the microwave, but the effort is Read More »