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Red Yeast Rice Vs. High Cholesterol
Red Yeast Rice

Red Yeast Rice  has significant cholesterol-lowering effects. Published research concludes an over the counter, natural supplement – Red Yeast Rice– has significant cholesterol-lowering effects. However, one significant fact about this story is this is not a real new discovery whatsoever. Red Yeast Rice, a vibrant red crimson fermented grain cultivated using the mold Monascus purpureus, has been utilized in Traditional Chinese medicine for over a millennium to deal with heart afflictions along with other health issues. The recent study was a controlled trial carried out by doctors at Chestnut Hill Hospital in Flourtown, Pennsylvania. The research team analyzed 62 patients whose inflated levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol place them in danger of stroke or heart attack. All of the participants had a history of using the statin drugs (FDA regulated medication for controlling cholesterol levels) but had to stop due to increased weakness and muscle pain which are common side effects reported by users. 50% of the study subjects received 1,800 mg of Red Yeast Rice two times each day for 24 weeks and the other 50% were given placebos with no nutritional value. Following the first 12 weeks, the research participants taking Red Yeast Rice demonstrated a substantial improvement within their amounts of “bad” artery-blocking Cholesterol levels (LDL). Their measured cholesterol levels dropped an incredible 43 points. The placebo group had an LDL drop of just 11 points. When measured after completing the 24 week trial the overall findings were an average of 35 point drop in LDL Read More »

When are Selenium Supplements most effective?
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Selenium can have tremendous health benefits, but not for everyone. Utilization of selenium supplements has become more common in the last ten years, largely because of the fact that it can help to prevent the chance of cancer along with other illnesses. But excessive enthusiasm for selenium intake has sometimes had adverse effects. Research has shown it might be dangerous for those who already get an adequate amount of the mineral within their diets – that is most people within the U.S. – and may add risk for type 2 diabetes, according to a different review. Individuals who get enough selenium within their diets shouldn’t take replacement supplements. People already have this mineral from grains and sea food along with other common aspects of the American diet. Excessive Usage Though selenium supplements happen to be promoted for numerous conditions, this largely continues to be in line with the outcomes of observational studies. However, findings from clinical tests searching to verify the supplements’ effectiveness happen to be mixed. Selenium studies carried out since 1990 state mixed findings most likely originating from the truth that supplements offer benefits only if the quantity of selenium inside a person’s daily diet is insufficient. Studies have linked low selenium intake or levels within the bloodstream to having an elevated chance of dying within a given period, poor immune function and cognitive decline. And greater selenium intake or bloodstream levels have been associated with enhanced male fertility, antiviral effects, and protection against some cancers. However the new review Read More »

Vitamin B Complex: Good from the Inside Out!
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Vitamin B3 Complex

Vitamin B Complex can be a key component in helping optimize your health and energy. Your body is a miraculous machine, capable of all sorts of impressive feats. With Vitamin B Complex, you can help maximize and boost your body’s natural energy reserve, while helping to maintain beautiful skin, hair, muscle tone, immunity, and more! It was once thought that Vitamin B was only a single Vitamin, but now we know there are at least nine chemically distinct members of the Vitamin B Complex family, some of them being jam-packed together naturally in foods, while others are easier found in supplementation. Vitamin B Complex vitamins include Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Biotin, Folic Acid, and B12, and others. Each of these long-named nutrients serves a specific function in your body, helping your cells unleash their health potential. Vitamin B Complex vitamins help your body tap into its natural energizing abilities, which is why they are so commonly found in energy drinks and energy supplements. Unlike many chemical or synthetic energy-boosting sources, Vitamin B Complex can help increase your energy levels without causing the dreaded jitters, nervousness, perspiration, or other uncomfortable side effects associated with caffeine, taurine, and other energy enhancers. In addition to being a natural energy aid, Vitamin B Complex assists in supporting and enhancing your metabolic rate, which is good news for dieters the world over! Vitamin B Complex is also a top-notch supplement for helping maintain beautiful skin and hair. In fact, without it our skin Read More »

Vitamin D3 Benefits Are Only A Day At The Beach Away
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Vitamin D3

Sun exposure and supplements provide the body with Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is one of the many of the Vitamin D group that provides significant health benefits through normal consumption and in the case of Vitamin D3 simple sun exposure. If you get 15-20 minutes of exposure to sunlight a day without sunscreen your body will absorb the amount of D3 it needs to help maintain normal levels of calcium for strong bones maintain blood levels of calcium and phosphorus and even help regulate your immune system. If you’re not in an area where daily direct sunlight is readily available certain foods are high in Vitamin D3 and can produce the same effects in the body. Egg Yolks, fortified milk and salmon are just a few of the more common contributors. Second only to the sun, a very common addition of Vitamin D3 to the body is through natural supplements. There are two existing types of Vitamin D that provide similar sets of benefits to the body with the only real distinction being the form in which the body receives it. Vitamin D3 is a Vitamin D that has been synthesized in the layers of the skin after exposure to direct sunlight. Vitamin D2 is the form of Vitamin D ingested through fortified milk. Although both Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B2 are considered interchangeable Vitamin D3 is understood to be more effective at raising the levels of Vitamin D in the bloodstream. The increased calcium level benefits from using Vitamin Read More »

Niacin Supplements Health Effects

Niacin supplements contribute to a number of health improvements in the body. Studies have shown they are involved in turning carbohydrates into energy in over 50 metabolic processes assisting in relief of fatigue and weight management. Additional benefits of Niacin consumption are categorized as contributing to the integrity of the entire body’s cell function while providing energy to these cells. Niacin is also marketed as Vitamin B3 which has been shown to assist in cholesterol control, detoxification, blood sugar control and increase in sex hormones among a list of other benefits. 1. Cholesterol level management Niacin supplements have been shown to affect both the LDL “bad cholesterol” and HDL “good cholesterol” levels in the body. As we all know in world of cholesterol management we want our LDL (low-density lipoprotein) levels to be minimalized and out HDL (high-density lipoprotein) levels to be optimized and typically supplements affect only one of your two cholesterol levels. Niacin has been shown to lower your LDL levels by preventing the accumulation in the liver and on the arteries. However, studies have also shown Niacin consumption also increasing your HDL levels and in fact the increase in HDL seems to be more prominent. As a whole the cholesterol effects of Niacin are positive in both the good and bad areas with little to no side effects. 2. Diabetes prevention A chemical substance found in the composition of Niacin called Niacinamide is believe to be highly effective for diabetes prevention and in addition it has been Read More »

Bilberry effects on Vision Health
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Uncover the advantages Of Bilberry Extract Without any known unwanted effects and proven research dating back to World War 2 to aid its claims, Bilberry Extract is quickly becoming a broadly used herb in treating visual disorders and eyesight problems. What is a Bilberry? Bilberry is really a perennial plant which grows primarily in Europe, Western Asia and also the Rocky Mountain tops in The United States. It’s a shrubby plant that bears edible fruits which are similar in size and texture to American blueberries. It’s also associated with the cranberry group of fruits. How many Bilberry health advantages are there? Herbal healthcare specialists in Europe have used bilberry extract for several years to deal with various ailments ranging from bladder infections, renal system gemstones, and diarrhea. Bilberries are also considered to be effective anti-oxidants and can be used as protectors of cells within the eyes along with other areas of the body from toxins and harmful free radicals. Bilberry supplements are quickly becoming progressively popular in present day medicine culture specifically for treating vision disorders including cataracts and poor evening vision. Has there been any scientific research? Researchers have analyzed the claims of Royal Air Force aircraft pilots in World War 2 who reported enhanced evening vision after consuming bilberries. Through scientific research they’ve learned that bilberries contain two compounds anthocyanosides and tannins. Anthocyanosides enhance the bloodstream flow to the small blood vessels that keep your eyes healthy, in addition to maintaining good bloodstream circulation through the body. This Read More »

How Does 7-Keto Work?

What is 7-Keto : Unraveling the Mystery The world of Health is prone to new and exciting discoveries everyday. But sometimes there is a discovery that makes you happy that it was made during your lifetime. One such discovery is 7-Keto. This metabolite of DHEA possesses all the benefits that testosterone has with none of the side effects. More importantly, it has been found to be a potent source of fat-burning capabilities by increasing the thermogenic activity inside the body. Thermogenesis is a specific term used in describing the body’s action of melting away fat and converting it to useful energy. If you have been struggling for so long to lose the extra inches in your waist to no avail, then 7-Keto can be a burning hope that you have been waiting. 7-Keto is not a hormone, so unlike testosterone or estrogen, it has no known receptors that are linked to specific regulatory functions of the body’s organs. This also means that you do not have to worry about side effects in taking it. Another aspect of using 7-keto as a supplement hinges on the fact that it is used as an anti-aging tool. Our bodies are natural factories of 7-keto; but as one ages, you produce lesser amounts of this metabolite. With the help of taking 7-Keto as a supplement, what you are really doing is replenishing the body’s supply of this natural metabolite. People who have been struggling with poor memory can also benefit with this compound. The Read More »

All Natural Raspberry Ketones by Healthy Origins
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Raspberry Ketones

How does the addition of Healthy Origins Raspberry Ketones to my diet regime effect my results? An appetite suppressant can be a tremendous aid for anyone beginning a weight loss program. For many individuals, reducing weight through an elimination of excess fat is a true challenge. Raspberry ketones have been shown to reduce hunger naturally while still allowing for the recommended daily intake of essential nutrition. Keytones are natural phenolic compounds found in many fruits and vegetables. They are what our noses detect when we come in close contact with foods. The appetizing aroma that induces us to partake of certain fruits is caused by the ketones. Scientific studies have shown a direct connection between these compounds and the metabolism of fat lipids. A loss of excess fat has been reported by those who use raspberry ketones capsules on a daily basis. Weight Loss And Physics Weight management is truly a matter of food intake and energy expenditure. If the amount of energy used to work and play exceeds the amount of calories ingested, the body will use stored fat to provide the chemical reactions necessary for muscular activity and increased metabolism. Scientific studies have clearly shown that certain individuals have a natural set point for their fat content. This is perhaps genetically determined and would suggest that our species may be programmed to store excess fat that can be used in times of need. Every individual has his or her own set limits on food intake, the degree to Read More »