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Psyllium Husk: The Best Supplement You’ve Never Heard Of
Posted By on September 10th, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 10
Psyllium Husk

One of India’s best kept secrets: psyllium husks What if I told you that there is a supplement that can greatly aid in digestion, weight control, and circulatory health? Psyllium husk has quickly become one of the most recommended supplements for those wishing to support digestive health. It’s no wonder since psyllium is excellent for colon cleansing/bowel regulation. Also known as ispaghula or just psyllium, psyllium husk comes from the plantago ovata plant native to India. They are hygroscopic (meaning it can absorb water) and are a source of soluble dietary fiber and therefore work with your body naturally to aid in digestion. After it’s ingested, the spongy nature of psyllium absorbs a substantial amount of water and makes your stool firmer and reducing flatulence and bloating. Psyllium husk is so good for your digestion because it improves and maintains regular gastro-intestinal transit. The inert bulk of psyllium husk helps to provide a constant volume of solid material regardless of the other aspects of the diet or any condition with the gut. For lack of a more graceful and less scientific explanation, it keeps your system flowing. Psyllium husk is used to relieve constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and even diarrhea. Since psyllim is a soluble fiber it has a unique effect on the metabolism and weight gain. It provides a feeling of fullness and can be helpful in controlling the portions of food you eat and consequently your weight management. It is one of nature’s simplest and effective ways to help Read More »

Marvel Heroes Gummy Vitamins Make Taking Vitamins Fun
Posted By on September 10th, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 10
Marvel Heroes Gummy Vitamins

Make sure your children get all the Vitamins they need with Marvel Heroes Gummy Vitamins. A lot of people out there remember taking vitamins as a kid. Back then your choices between vitamins was pretty slim. If you were lucky, you had a chewable version of a certain Bedrock family, if you weren’t you had a massive pill you had to try to cram down your throat. With the risk of sounding old, these kids nowadays have it so good! A perfect example is Marvel Heroes Gummy Vitamins – a fun and delicious way to get the nutrients their bodies’ need. Give your child the nutrition they need with a delicious gummy of his or her favorite Marvel Hero. Spiderman, Captain America, and Ironman make this fun to eat gummy a part of your child’s day they look forward too. Meanwhile you can rest assured your child is getting the essential vitamins and minerals they need to grow and develop. Making sure your child gets the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals is vital for the regulation, maintenance, and, at this time in their life, most importantly growth and development with Marvel Heroes Gummy Vitamins. Everything from your child’s energy level to their immune system to their circulatory system is affected by the nutrients they receive. The nutrients in Marvel Heroes Gummy Vitamins ensure your child doesn’t suffer from any nutrient deficiencies such as anemia or cobalamin. Nutrient deficiencies and the ill effects they have are particularly harmful to Read More »

The Benefits Of Different Types of Chocolate
Posted By on September 10th, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 10
Types of Chocolate

Different types of chocolate provide different benefits. Though the discovery of chocolate is over 4,000 years old, it has only been for the past 500 years that it’s taken it’s rightful place as one of the most preferred confections in the world. It wasn’t until the early-mid 16th century that chocolate, as we know it, was invented. Most early forms of chocolate would barely be recognizable to modern day pallets. The addition of sugar, other spices, fats, and unique manufacturing processes turned chocolate from an oft-bitter delicacy to the sweet treat we all know and love. Nowadays, the average consumer has a myriad number of types of chocolate of which to choose. So what are the differences between these chocolates? And what do they mean for the chocolate lover in all of us? What is Chocolate? The strictest and broadest definition of chocolate is anything that is derived from cocoa, and mixed with fats (cocoa butter, other plant oils), and finely powdered sugar. Every different type of chocolate is a mixture of these ingredients. Below is a list of the 4 most common and loved chocolates we commonly see. While they are all very similar, their exact recipes and production processes vary to a delicious degree. Types of Chocolate (in no particular order) Unsweetened chocolate: A type of chocolate that uses pure chocolate liquor mixed with some form of fat and a small amount of sugar. Also referred to as “bitter”, “baking chocolate” or “cooking chocolate”, the roasted cocoa beans Read More »

Nature Made Multi Complete Gives You Proper Balance And Nutrition
Posted By on September 10th, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 10
Nature Made Multi Vitamins

Nature Made Multi Complete daily vitamins. Do you get all your recommended daily amount of nutrients? Are you getting enough ribiflavine? How about pantothenic acid? Or folate? For many, the answer to these questions is, “Um, I think so.” This is understandable; after all, few of us have the time to pay attention to our pantothenic acid intake. With Nature Made Multi Complete daily vitamin, you can be confident that you’re getting the proper balance of nutrients. Nature Made Multi Complete is specially formulated to give your body 23 micronutrients essential for daily nutrition. Your recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals are vital for the regulation and maintenance of the body’s functions and tissues. Everything from your energy level to your immune system to heart health is predicated on getting your body the proper micronutrients and balanced nutrition. When you give your body the nutrients you need you prevent any deficiency disease (like anemia, or cobalamin), allow for a healthy metabolism (by assisting in the release of energy from foods), and prevent chronic disease (such as the number one killer of Americans, heart disease). Be sure that your are getting exactly what your body needs to perform at your best all the time by taking Nature Made Multi Complete. So if getting your daily nutrients is so important, why should you choose Nature Made Multi Complete? According to surveys by Pharmacy Times Nature Made vitamins and supplements, including Nature Made Multi Complete, is ranked number one among pharmacists. Also, Read More »

Biotin Has More Function Than Just Healthy Skin And Hair

Biotin is a vitamin that has as many uses for the body as it does names. Also known as vitamin H, or coenzyme R, or B-7 (part of the B-vitamin family). Biotin is essential for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. Biotin not only assists in various metabolic reactions, but it can be helpful in maintaining a steady blood sugar level. With all the systems biotin supports in your body, it can be an incredibly helpful dietary supplement. A lot of folks have heard of biotin as an ingredient in many cosmetics and health products for the hair and skin, but they often don’t realize how important it is to their overall health and wellbeing. Since biotin is so important to the creation, maintenance, and repair of cells it has become the obvious choice for products that want effectively protect your cells. For instance, biotin promotes the regeneration of healthy skin cells. Also it increases the strength of your nails and hair. Your cellular health starts with your body having the proper raw materials (such as biotin) to keep your cells in tip-top shape. Without it, your hair would crack apart, your nails would be brittle, and your skin would deteriorate. Your body needs biotin to keep your cells healthy and strong. Biotin also plays a role in the Krebs cycle. The Krebs cycle consists of a series of chemical reactions (used by all aerobic organisms) to generate energy through the Read More »

Nubian Heritage Organic Soaps
Posted By on September 10th, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 10
Nubian Heritage

Nubian Heritage products are comprised of all authentic, all natural, and certified organic and fair trade ingredients.  In 1992 Richelieu Dennis and Nyema Tubman started selling shea butter soaps on the street. They would wake up hours before sunrise, make their unique blend of shea butter soap, and then sell them in their neighborhood of Harlem till sundown. The fact that they were able to turn this venture into a successful and prosperous business is impressive, but it’s not nearly as impressive as the stories of how they got to the United States and the quality of the soaps they sell. When the Liberian civil war began in 1989, Richelieu and Nyema’s families lost most of their possessions and fled the country. They were able to make it safely to the United States but had no resources or source of income. Remembering their roots and family tradition, they developed a vision of offering culturally authentic, high-quality soap products for classically underserved communities. After two years of making soaps in the wee hours of the morning, loading them up in a rickety van and vending them on the streets their hard work came to fruition when they formed Sundial Creations and Nubian Heritage. Using the ingredients and methods handed down to them from their ancestors, Richelieu and Nyema have designed Nubian Heritage products for the specific needs of the African American community. Ingredients such as ash, plantain peel extract, tamarind and papaya help to fight oily skin, psoriasis and other skin Read More »

Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements Can Help You Build Muscle Efficiently
Posted By on September 10th, 2012 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 10
Universal Nutrition Animal

Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements are time tested and results proven. A lot of muscle mass building supplements come and go. It seems like every other day a new product hits the market making a promise of increased this and maximum that. You could waste your time researching each new mass building supplement and learning the intricate and often minute differences between them, or you could go with what professional weight lifters have gone with since 1983, Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements. Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements have been the number one selling muscle mass building supplement in the world for the past 23 years. More competitive bodybuilders have used Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements than any other supplement in history. Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements recognizes that the human body’s natural ability to put muscle on is predicated not just on the hard work at the gym, but also the right combination of nutrition. This means mega-doses of essential amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements take a holistic approach to muscle building by providing your body with the complete nutrition you need. No other supplement has the track record of success that Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements has in giving you the nutrition you need to put on the mass you want. Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements haven’t rested on their laurels since becoming the world’s best selling muscle-gaining supplement. They have continued to improve and refine their product. Enhancing digestive enzymes and adaptogens have added to the already amazing Read More »

Lichi Super Fruit Can Provide Weightloss Tools For Every Need
Lichi Super Fruit

Lichi Super Fruit naturally works to increase your body’s ability to break down and digest food. Lichi Super Fruit’s full line of comprehensive weight management dietary supplements boost energy, curbs your appetite, and digestion and nutrient absorption – all important when you are trying to reach your ideal weight. By unlocking the amazingly powerful, antioxidant rich super fruit, Lychee, Lichi Super Fruit aids you in taking control of both your caloric intake and how those calories are metabolized. Lichi Super Fruit is formulated with all natural ingredients to get you feeling and looking your best! Lichi Super Fruit Boosts Energy There are several factors that affect your energy levels. Your age, diet, exercise routines, and over all health all play a key roll in making you feel energetic. Having the energy to both make the right food choices and exercise is essential to losing excess weight. Lichi Super Fruit contains Green Tea and Cayenne, two ingredients known for increasing energy and body temperature. When you use Lichi Super Fruit along with a nutritionally sound diet and appropriate work-out regimen, it helps to keep you on track by giving your energy levels the extra boost it needs. Lichi Super Fruit Curbs Appetite While it can seem complicated, the equation that equals weigh loss consists of two things: 1) Your caloric intake; and 2) Calories metabolized by the body (and not stored in your fat cells). Health professionals advise you to take a balanced approach, but the equation remains the same – Read More »