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Butt-Blasting Exercises: How To Get a Gorgeous Backside
Posted By on December 23rd, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 67
butt in bikini

Butt workouts that deliver the results you want are here! Try these great butt-blasting exercises and you’ll be well on your way to the buns of steel you’ve been wanting. Incorporate these exercises into your workout at least 2-3 times a week on non-consecutive days for maximum results. All you need is an exercise ball, dumbbells and to get your butt in gear! Butt-Blaster #1: The Exercise Ball Butt Boost: Start in the push up position with your shins resting on the ball. Lift one leg up, and hold for three seconds. Do this 12-15 times, and then repeat with the other leg. Works butt, lower back, abs, hips. Rear Raiser: While in the plank position with your forearms on the ball and hands together, lift one leg as high as you can. Lower, and then repeat with your other leg. Do this 12-15 times for each leg. Works butt, lower back, abs, hamstrings. Tush Tightener: Stand in front of the ball with one foot resting on it, and your knee bent with arms straight above your head. Your other leg should be straight. Bend at the waist and reach toward the straight leg’s foot. Do 12-15 times for each leg. Works butt, thighs, hamstrings. Butt-Blaster #2:  Dumbbells Wide Leg Deadlifts: While standing shoulder width-apart, bend at the waist to bring arms down (holding dumbbells) above the floor. Repeat for 1 minute. Works butt, hamstrings, biceps. Alternating Step Back Lunges: Step backwards into a lunge, remembering to keep your back Read More »

10 Stress Relievers That Work in Less than 5 Minutes
Posted By on December 23rd, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 67

Stress can build up over the holidays and sometimes there just isn’t enough time to unwind. But you can sneak any of these stress relievers in (for just 5 minutes) and get back your sense of serenity. 1. Have a Laugh. Keeping your good humor and having a laugh has short-term effects on your stress levels. The physical change that occurs in your body as a result of laugher relieves your stress response and also relaxes muscles. So take a time out and make a joke for an instant stress reliever. 2. Repeat a Mantra. Keeping your thoughts focused on positive ideas can really help reduce stress. Here are 5 mantras for stress relief you can quietly repeat to yourself when tensions get high, to bring your awareness back to the present moment: Everything I do is by choice. I’m not supposed to have all the answers. I will slow down and become conscious. This too shall pass. I will accept the things I cannot change. 3. Take a Step Outside. Breathe in the fresh air and fill your lungs. Slowly release the breaths and let them clear your mind of all thoughts just for a few minutes. If there is sunshine, try to soak it up. Researchers say that the vitamin D in the sun’s rays has the ability to boost your mood. 4. Listen to Music. Put on your favorite playlist, sing along to one of your favorite songs, or just play something you have never heard before Read More »

Holiday Party Recipes for Easy Meal Planning
Posted By on December 23rd, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 67

Holiday party menus don’t have to be complicated or difficult. Here’s a holiday menu including appetizers, snack, a main dish and desert that you can use at your next get-together. Holiday Party Appetizer: These Garden Veggie Pizza Squares are an easy-to-make holiday appetizer that includes your favorite veggies, and satisfies pizza cravings. Make this with any variations you like and use left over veggies in the fridge to switch it up. Ingredients: 1 (8 ounce) package refrigerated crescent rolls 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened 1 (1 ounce) package Ranch-style dressing mix 2 carrots, finely chopped 1/2 cup chopped red bell peppers 1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper 1/2 cup fresh broccoli, chopped 1/2 cup chopped green onions Directions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Roll out crescent rolls onto a large non-stick baking sheet. Stretch and flatten to form a single rectangular shape on the baking sheet. Bake 11 to 13 minutes in the preheated oven, or until golden brown. Allow to cool. Place cream cheese in a medium bowl. Mix cream cheese with 1/2 of the ranch dressing mix. Adjust the amount of dressing mix to taste. Spread the mixture over the cooled crust. Arrange carrots, red bell pepper, broccoli and green onions on top. Chill in the refrigerator approximately 1 hour. Cut into bite-size squares to serve. Holiday Party Snack: Candy Coated Pecans make a great snack and offer a healthy dose of essential fats. Try making these instead of serving candy at Read More »

SIBU Beauty Offers Omega-7 For Healthy Skin

Omega-7 is a rare essential fatty acid that has recently become recommended by doctors. The other essential fatty acids like omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 have been well known to support a variety of body processes including brain functions, flexible joints and healthy skin, hair and nails. Derived from sea buckthorn berry omega-7 is a compound used in high-quality skin care and beauty products for its ability to promote skin cell function, and fluidity for a dewy complexion. Because Sibu Beauty Products contain this omega fatty acid they are this week’s Fix Pick for beauty. Sibu Balancing Facial Cleanser is a natural skin cleanser made with Himalayan sea buckthorn berry also known as the beauty berry and offers over 190 bioactive compounds that work to restore skin elasticity, tone and texture for a luxurious skin cleanser that also moisturizes skin. Sibu Beauty Cellular Support works from the inside out to support your beauty. Protects skin cells and nourished the body to promote healthy skin, hair and nails with a super dose of omega 7 fatty acids. Offers powerful antioxidant protection from sea buckthorn oil to repair and rejuvenate skin damage while increasing a feeling of vitality. Soothes the digestive lining to promote optimal gastrointestinal function with easy-to-swallow soft gels. Sibu Beauty Hydrating Serum is the ultimate for skin hydration. A non-drying lightweight serum floods the skin with moisture to eliminate a tight feeling. Infused with vitamins and sea buckthorn extracts to promote a youthful skin tone and texture. Fight the premature Read More »

The Bulky Myth Debunked
Posted By on December 23rd, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 67
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Bulky physiques aren’t on the top of the list for women as they go into the gym, unless of coarse they are training for competition. Women who train hard to get big muscles and a “bulky” body work really hard for those muscles, and they’ve been doing it for years. And those kinds of bodies don’t suddenly appear. Many oft those women also take supplements, so if you fear that training with weights is going to make you bulky, that’s simply a myth. The Bulky Myth As you start weight training, muscles do get bigger but it’s mostly because of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy which means that your muscles are swelling. Muscles swell when they are worked properly and the more you work them, the more they’re going to store carbs and other fluids. In addition, blood circulation also increases in the muscles which also causes swelling and thus the appearance of “bulking” up. This is often a short-lived experience. It takes years to actually develop and maintain dense, and bulky muscles like those that grace the covers of your favorite magazines. And this is especially true for women, given their low levels of testosterone. The Truth About Weight Training A weight training program begins to build muscles, and as you maintain muscle mass the resting metabolic rate begins to also increase. This is your body’s ability to burn calories at rest. By incorporating weight training into your workout, you’ll increase your metabolism leading to a leaner physique, not a bulky one. Read More »

5 Magnesium Rich Foods for Your Good Mood

Magnesium is an essential nutrient used in the body to help maintain energy and a good mood. During the holidays stress, anxiety, irritability and fatigue can drain your energy and leave you reaching for tempting foods that give you a quick pick-me-up from sugars. But you can improve energy levels and maintain your holiday spirit with a healthy dose of magnesium. These foods offer a good source of this important nutrient and other essentials that support energy production and healthy brain functioning: 1. Spinach offers a variety of important minerals including magnesium along with protein and dietary fiber and vitamins including A, C, E and B complex vitamins to support energy production and the healthy functioning of your immune system. This leafy green veggie also offers essential fats like omega-3 and omega-6 in a balanced combination to support brain functions for you good mood. 2. Quinoa is one of the healthiest foods out there, as it has one of the most impressive nutritional profiles available. This light & fluffy grain offers essential and non-essential amino acids along with dietary fiber and vitamins including B complex vitamins to help keep energy levels up. Along with that, quinoa offers a variety of minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc to help maintain healthy nervous system function and your holiday spirit. 3. Kidney Beans offer large amounts of protein along with a wide range of B vitamins including Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, folate and pantothenic acid to help reduce fatigue during the Read More »

7 Colon Healthy Foods for a Healthy Body
Posted By on December 23rd, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 67
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Colon health is important to the proper functioning of a variety of body systems. A colon that is working optimally supports your immune function, body healthy skin, weight management, detoxification and so much more. Here are a few foods you can add to your diet to cleanse your colon and maintain your healthy body: 1. Apple Cider Vinegar is a cleansing vinegar that also offers a fiber found in apples called pectin which promotes healthy gastrointestinal system and offers a carbohydrate that acts as a thickening agent to promote regular digestion. This kind of vinegar isn’t as bitter as other types as it is made from apples and has a sweeter taste that works with recipes easier than regular vinegar. 2. Sea Salt with Water helps maintain hydration in the colon to support regularity. Water is a nutrient needed to remove toxins and pollutants from every cell in the body and since your digestive system is one of the detoxification systems, cleansing the colon further encourages detoxification. 3. Fermented Foods like kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles and yogurt contain beneficial bacteria called probiotics that help maintain a healthy gut. A balance of “good” bacteria can help reduce the overgrowth of “bad” bacteria in the colon to keep digestion regular and improve the natural detoxification process of your digestive system. 4. Seeds like chia and flax seeds offer large amounts of dietary fiber, along with healthy fats and amino acids known to help stabilize cell walls. They also may help reduce inflammation that Read More »

Clean Eating Starts With These 6 Tips
clean eating

Clean eating habits won’t stick unless you make a commitment. Lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight, and if you have a few things in mind of the new you this New Year success happens by meeting one small goal at a time. Clean Eating Consuming foods that are in the most natural form offers tons of health benefits. And if you think of it as a diet, you might be likely to cheat, or even quit eating clean. So think of it this way: it’s just a lifestyle change. But to make it stick you’ll have to take it one meal at a time. Here are a few small changes you can make towards clean eating long-term success: 1. Eat 5-6 Small Meals a Day. If you are hungry, you’re more likely to reach for fast and easy foods. Oftentimes these are convenience foods that are processed and offer a quick fix for your cravings, but very little when it comes to nutritional value. Eating throughout the day gives your body a steady supply of nutrients in small amounts to keep cravings and hunger at bay. 2. Drink At Least Two Liters of Water Every Day. This essential nutrient is needed within every cell to promote the healthy function of all body systems, and helps remove toxins from your body. Not only that, but consuming the recommended amounts of water every day also supports regular digestion and can help you feel full between meals. 3. Know Your Label Lingo. Sugar goes Read More »