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Top 4 Travel Destinations for 2014
Posted By on January 13th, 2014 in Vitaminfix Think – Issue 70

Travel is an important part of your overall health, as it helps to break habits and change up a regular routine. But you don’t have to think small. Go big in 2014 and set your sights on these fantastic travel destinations. This year, save up your vacation days and hit some of these top four spots for travel. 1. Cape Town, South Africa Travel here if you want to develop your meditation techniques in the place where Nelson Mandela found inspiration. In a speech, Mandela once said, “To us on Robben Island, Table Mountain was a beacon of hope. It represented the mainland to which we knew we would one day return.” Visit Robben Island prison, and the fist place Mandela made his home as a free man. The country has since transformed and offers fashion shows, architecture open houses, sustainable farms, galleries and performance spaces and welcomes the public to art studios for an annual visual arts spectacular making Cape Town a cultural destination. 2. North Coast, California Just over a hundred miles north of San Francisco sit the bluffs of the Mendocino Coast. Travel here and observe marine life and view humpback whales as they pass, sea lions, and watch the foamy waves ebb and flow here. With over 1,300 acres of hiking access to 12- miles of coastline, fields of wildflowers, cypress forest and cliff areas, the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands is a great place to see the North Coast. Also home to the California Coastal National Read More »

7 Sunscreen Oils That Offer Natural UV Protection

Sunscreens have an SPF or sun protection factor, which is the reason most people purchase them. But recent research has shown that common sunscreens also contain ingredients that can be toxic, and really cause more harm than good. Here are 7 oils that have a natural SPF so you can use them as an alternative to conventional sunscreens that often dry out skin, and may be potentially harmful. 1. Carrot Seed Oil has an SPF of about 30. That’s right, this kind of oil won’t make your tan darker, but it actually provides protection from UV rays without all of the toxic chemicals in conventional sunscreens. Due to its content of vitamin A it offers natural UV protection, and an antioxidant value that helps prevent free radical damage caused by sun exposure. 2. Wheatgerm Oil has an SPF of about 20. This oil contains vitamin E which is also a great sun protectant for skin. It also helps moisturize skin and prevent free radical damage caused by UV rays. 3. Hazelnut Oil has an SPF of about 15. This is a lighter sunscreen oil that also has astringent properties. It nourishes the skin and is quickly absorbed to provide moisture, and UV protection. 4. Coconut Oil has an SPF of about 10. This natural sunscreen offers protection from UV rays and actually will block about 20 percent of them. Pacific islanders have used coconut as a sun protect and for centuries, so there’s really no need to use a toxic Read More »

5 Natural Bug Repellents for an Insect-Free Summer
Posted By on July 14th, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 44
natural bug repellent

Natural bug repellents can help keep away flying, biting and crawling critters so you can get outside this summer without having to worry! You can make your own bug repellent at home with a few of the right essential oils. Or try one of the great all-natural products from Burt’s Bees, designed to keep bugs away without the harsh chemicals of conventional bug sprays (and the awful smell). 1. Rosemary as a bug repellent can be used as a spray to keep bugs away. Use this essential oil with other essential oils to make an effective natural insect repellant that’s safe for everyone. Try this simple natural bug repellent recipe: Add 1 part of rosemary oil to 10 parts of rubbing alcohol and put it in a spray bottle. You can also add essential oils derived from any of the following herbs, in equal parts. Good for keeping away mosquitoes, ticks, flies, midges, chiggers, and fleas. 2. Mint is a non-toxic alternative for bug repellent as its essential oils are useful in keeping away those flying pests like mosquitoes, and flies. Great for an insect repellant in your home, or yard it works even when placed in a sachet. Mint is a natural bug repellent that’s great for traveling, as the crushed leaves release essential oils that have a scent the bugs don’t like. This can keep them away outdoors, or indoors while freshening your space. Also great as a spray to keep away ants and spiders. Add 1 part Read More »

Beat Bugs This Summer With Burt’s Bees – Herbal Insect Repellent
Posted By on April 22nd, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 32
Burt's Bees Bug Repellant

Burt’s Bees beats bugs on any outdoor adventure you’re planning this summer. There’s nothing worse than having mosquitoes, flies, and other pests crash your outdoor party. There are tons of natural options you can choose from to keep these unwanted guests away. Here are just a few: Protective Clothing. It’s just common sense to protect yourself with long pants, and long-sleeved shirts. So, also try to wear longer socks, and take a good soapy shower before you head out into infested areas. Try breathable fabrics instead of jeans, and heavy long-sleeved clothing so you can still feel the warm summer air. Eat for Insect-Free Fun. You can take a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar and swallow fresh garlic cloves to keep mosquitoes from attacking. Vitamin B1, when taken daily as a supplement can also repel insects. Essential Oils. 10-15 drops of essential oils added to castile soap like Dr. Bronner’s soaps are effective at keeping insects and other bugs away. Try lemon balm, pennyroyal, lavender, and rose geranium. Have a good wash before going outdoors or just add a few drops to cheese cloth and set it on the table. When added to the skin, just a few drops of essential oils, diluted in carrier oils can keep the bugs away. Try this recipe for homemade insect repellent: Ingredients: 10-25 drops essential oil (lavender, rose geranium (for ticks), coriander seeds, peppermint, cajeput or citronella) 2 tablespoons coconut oil 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel Directions: Combine ingredients in a glass Read More »

Get Lost: Outdoor Hike Adventures for a Better Body

Taking a hike might not sound like the way to achieve all of your health, fitness and wellness goals, but is actually one of the most comprehensive workouts you can do. You’ll get a cardiovascular workout, tone hard-to-work areas like glutes, and gain incredible strength and endurance for your whole body. On average you can burn about 150-200 calories in just 30 minutes on your favorite trail, improve your mood, increase circulation and nutrient availability in your body and much more! Health and Fitness On-The-Go When you travel or find that your regular fitness routine has been disrupted, it can be difficult to get back on track. Hiking offers a way to get outdoors and is really just taking a walk in a natural environment. For many people the word “hike” brings to mind painful climbing and complicated equipment but hiking is actually a very popular activity that provides many different types of health benefits, for people of all ages and fitness levels. Some of the health benefits of hiking include, but are not limited to: Improved physical endurance Increased cardiovascular strength Weight loss Decreased hypertension Improved mental functioning Better mood, and much more! Hiking is a great way to burn calories, improve your mood, and get fit. Many people don’t know that there are local hiking opportunities, large and small right under their noses. Find the perfect trail for you by simply selecting your metro area online at to find available hikes close to your home or office. Read More »

Ready to End the Winter Blues? Plan Your Next Outdoor Adventure and Take a Hike
Posted By on March 14th, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 24
take a hike

A hike is a great way to satisfy your desire for scenic pathways, and awe-inspiring views and as the winter comes to a close, you can start planning your next outdoor adventure. This year, take a hike! We’ve put together a list of the top 5 hikes from just a few choice places around the Nation to encourage you. And don’t forget to take a Clif Mojo Mountain Bar along with you on your hike. With 70% organic ingredients, Clif Bars are a great choice for your body, and the planet. 1. Arizona’s Red Mountain Trail Hike: Just about 30 miles north of Flagstaff is a wonderland of cinder hoodoos, slot crevices and small caves. Called Red Mountain because of the orange-red cinder cone that appears as if its Eastern flank has been hacked off, a spectacular amphitheater is exposed. You’ll get to see this as you walk a family-friendly hike that only totals about 2.5 miles. But at 7,000 feet this hike is best from April through October, so get your hiking gear ready! 2. California’s Cinder Cone in Lassen Volcanic National Park: If you don’t feel like you’ve found a supernatural place of beauty here, you might just think you’ve landed on another planet. The trail to the top of the brown cone is a challenging 2 miles, because you’ll be hiking on volcanic cinders but the summit views are worth it! 3. New Mexico’s Chaco Culture National Historic Park Hike: A combination of the ancient Anasazi culture Read More »

Get Your Camping Mojo Bars On!
Mojo Bars

Mojo Bars are the latest in take-along nutrition technology from the Cliff Bar family. The great outdoors. Most of us have heard its call one time or another. The thought of getting away from the polluted convoluted congestion of the city. No car exhaust assaulting your sense of smell, no litter piling up offensively around every little turn in the street. No annoying buzz of the city lights or loud offensive noises that never seem to stop. No waiting in line. When you go camping, it’s just you, your loved ones, nature and your Mojo Bars. The crisp open sky magically unveils a tapestry of stars, the occasional woodland creature waddles by curiously, and if you’re lucky enough you get to set up camp by the water. Crisp, clear, babbling brooks and pristine lakes void of slimy chemicals and candy wrappers. Yes, loading up the family and taking a hike to your favorite camp ground does sound appealing. When most of us go camping, the thought of freshly caught fish or canned beans and bacon might sound delicious, but it’s important not to rely on the spoils of the land to feed you and your family on your outdoor adventure. That’s why it’s important to plan for adequate snacks to ensure you maximize your fun while staying healthy. Think about packing some Cliff Mojo Bars on your next family outing. When you’re out in the woods on a hike, it might be tempting to eat those juicy berries sprouting forth Read More »