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Simple Ways to Exercise
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Getting in a total workout isn’t always going to happen, or maybe it’s something you’re not quite ready to commit to. Regardless, it’s important to remember that we need about 30 minutes of physical activity every day to keep us staying healthy. Physical activity increases your heart rate, and can significantly raise HDL (good) cholesterol. Even if you don’t have time for 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, there are easy ways to incorporate some exercise into your every day life that are short, yet highly beneficial. Walking—something you might take for granted, but can easily turn into about 30 minutes of exercise a day. Depending on your stride and pace, walking can build muscles mass. Increased muscle mass leads to increased metabolic rate, which is your body’s ability to burn calories when you’re not moving. This is when you are able to shed pounds faster. We all walk every day, but if you remember to consciously walk faster or longer distances it’s a great way to get in the exercise our body needs. For example, try parking further away from your office building, or next time you go to the store, park in the very back. At work, try to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Depending on how close you live to work, maybe take an extra 15 to 20 minutes to walk to work. However you choose to do it, remember that walking is still a great form of exercise. Another great way to stay active Read More »

The Dreaded Winter Weight—It’s Time to Lose It!
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Winter weight can be as hard to lose as your warm & cozy sweater. But it’s time! During the winter it’s easy to put on an extra few pounds because let’s be honest, who wants to go outside in those conditions? It’s definitely the time of year of curling up and staying in, and maybe add a little weight to your waistline. Get ready to ditch coziness and that comfy sweater for warmer weather and a hot body. Try this workout to get ready for summer! You’ll be glad you did! All you’ll need is some free weights (5 to 15 pounds) and a yoga mat, to start loosing that winter weight. Do 12-15 reps of each exercise 3 times for a total workout about 3-4 times a week. If you’re feeling really determined to look great for summer add 30 minutes of any type of cardio with this workout. Plank Walkout—Get into a crouch position with your hands on the ground, but under your shoulders. Walk with your hands forward and extend the legs, ending in plank position. Slowly reverse the movement and return to the starting position. For this exercise, do as many as you can in one minute, every day for one week to start melting away winter weight. Opposite Arm Raise Sweep—Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees bent, holding a pair of dumbbells. Lean forward about 45 degrees from hips, and extend arms to the floor in line with chest. Without moving your torso, sweep right Read More »

How-To Boost Your Mood and Reduce Depression

Keeping your good mood is essential to maintaining your healthy lifestyle, and your overall health. As a leading cause of disability worldwide, loss of a good mood and depression affects an estimated 350 million people and is a major contributor to the burden of disease. If you are one of the many people who struggles with maintain your good mood, here are a few strategies that can help you stay happy. Exercise: Getting your heart rate up for even 15 minutes a day, can help increase the production of mood boosting chemicals in the brain including norepinephrine and serotonin. Not only that, but getting regular exercise also usually requires that you get outside, get up and get moving! Which can also make you feel good. Mind Body Practices: Mediation, breathing techniques and exercises like yoga or tai chi help to create a sense of mindfulness that may serve as a type of cognitive therapy, or behavioral therapy for a good mood. You won’t just feel better while doing a meditation, or yoga as the benefits of these practices extend beyond the practice into daily life to help reduce stress, hostility and anxiety and improve energy for a better sense of wellbeing, and a good mood. Try a Dietary Supplement: Certain nutrients have been shown to help reduce the common symptoms of depression including mood swings, irritability, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and feelings of hopelessness. Fish oil supplements may be particularly helpful as they contain large amounts of omega-3 essential fatty acids Read More »

Breast Lifting Exercises for Naturally Beautiful Boobs
Posted By on March 10th, 2014 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 77

Breasts are possibly one of your favorite body parts. And if you’ve ever wondered how to defy gravity and give the girls that extra lift, here’s your chance. These breast lifting exercises work to build your chest muscles, when incorporated into your workout regimen 3 to 5 times a week. Try 15-20 reps of each breast lifting exercise three times. All you need is some dumbbells. Pectoral Flys—Lie on your back with your arms to your sides grasping the dumbbells. Lift the dumbbells above your chest; your elbows should be pointing out to the sides. Lower your arms, and repeat. Push-Ups—You know the drill, but focus on keeping your core tight and your body straight with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. T-Plank—A twist on the classic push-up; place dumbbells on the floor to grasp while in the push-up position with your legs wider than your hips for stability. Lift your right arm while holding the dumbbell and open your body all the way to right making a “T” shape. Return to the starting position, and do on the left side. Alternate and repeat for a natural breast lift. Brest Lifting Push-Up—Lie down on your back and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Extend your arms straight up turning your palms to face inward, while keeping your elbows tight against the body. Lower the weights to one inch above the chest, and press up. Repeat. Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Raise—Hold dumbbells in front of you. Raise upper arms to your Read More »

6 Squat Variations that Up the Ante
Posted By on March 10th, 2014 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 77

Squats are a classic exercise that really works the leg and butt muscles, but sometimes mixing it up is necessary. Let’s take a classic move, and turn it into the ultimate workout. Do 12 to 15 reps of each exercise three times for a complete squat workout. The Classic With your feet spread shoulder-width apart, lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. Drive your weight down in your heels. Pause, and then slowly push yourself back up. Body-Weight  This squat helps strengthen the power of your legs by driving down your entire body weight into the squat. With feet shoulder width apart dip your knees in preparation to leap, and then jump as high as you can. Land, and immediately squat down and jump again. Pistol This squat relies on your upper leg muscles (hamstrings and quads) to hold your body weight up, and gives you killer legs. Stand with your arms straight out in front of you and raise your left leg slightly off the floor, and hold it there. Push your hips back and lower your body to the ground (your left leg should be extended out in front of you). Pause, and then push your body back into the starting position. Repeat and then switch legs. Wide Stance Barbell  Adding the barbell gives you more weight to drive down, and results in a great butt. Hold the bar across your upper back and squat with your feet Read More »

Swimming Workouts for Hot Summer Bodies
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Swimming workouts are a great way to get your swimsuit body started before the weather gets warm enough to break out bikinis. Who has a body that is perfectly toned with broad shoulders and a small waist all year anyway? If you want that kind of physique, try these workouts used by swimmers to maintain long limbs, broad shoulders and a very toned torso. This full body workout will deliver that sexy & slim swimsuit body for summer! Cardio Swimming is all about cardio. You are constantly moving and you’re going to build your distance as you build your technique. Swimming properly is essential for swimming effectively and for longer periods of time. There are four main types of swimming workouts that you can implement. All of these will sound similar as these types of workouts are a part of most physical exercise, but something different and great about swimming, is that if it’s done properly it’s way less damaging on the body. Sprinting—It requires doing a short distance very quickly. This really builds endurance, and can be quite effective once you’ve been swimming for a while. Intervals— Similar to sprinting, but requires a fast pace followed by a slower pace to allow the body to recover. Repeating this regiment requires the body to work harder as it adjusts to the varying levels of speed. Circuits—Having a routine in swimming is a good idea, but alternating the strokes in the routine is essential for a good workout. It’s also important Read More »

Mass Building Gym Workouts
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Mass building is of the biggest challenges and it can be difficult to stick to the kind of schedule it takes to create the bodies like those that grace the covers of magazines. But if it’s important to you, all it really takes is a little time, determination, (maybe a few supps) and of coarse some real lifting in the gym, to get the results you want. With this mass building workout, focus on key areas on different days and repeat for six weeks. Day 1 is chest and triceps; Day 2 is leg day; Day 3 is shoulders and abs; and Day 4 is back and biceps. For the odd-numbered weeks (i.e., weeks 1 and 3) you’ll be doing three sets of six repetitions plus a pump set of 25 reps. For the even-numbered weeks (i.e., weeks 2 and 4), you’ll be doing 12 reps on all sets. Pick days and times you can commit to, and go for it. Mass Building for Odd-Numbered Weeks Remember do 3 sets of six, for each exercise with 1 set of 25 at the end. Day 1: Chest and Triceps Leverage Incline Bench Press Dumbbell Flyes Bodyweight Dip Cable Press-down Day 2: Leg Day Squats Leg Press Lunges Lying Leg Curl Standing Calf Raise Day 3: Shoulders and Abs Upright Row Seated Bent-Over Lateral Raise Kneeling Cable Crunch Day 4: Back and Biceps Dead-lift Bent-Over Barbell Row Lat Pull-down Barbell Curl Incline Dumbbells Curl Mass Building for Even-Numbered Weeks Remember to do Read More »

Motivation Tips for Lasting Weight Loss Success

Motivation is an important part of long-term weight loss management. And while you may be struggling now to achieve your goal weight, studies have shown that over time, it gets easier. Researchers have found that people who successfully maintain their weight loss for 2-5 years increase their changes of long-term success.(1) Start in the Kitchen: While many people think that long hours in the gym equals weight loss, about 80 percent of slimming success really happens in the kitchen. Long-term weight management means making lifestyle changes, not just following fad diets. So to stay motivated, focus on setting simple goals like eating a balanced diet, choosing low-fat options when you can and eating regular meals. Reaching small goals, like choosing an apple over a doughnut can help you stay motivated little by little, until long-term healthy habits stick. Find Inspiration: Professional athletes and figure models don’t get on the covers of magazines without hard work and a commitment to their goals. While you don’t have to look like them, pinning up a few pictures of someone who is inspiring to you may help you stay focused. Choose someone you admire and find out how they reached their goals. This can help you to stay motivated when working out or eating healthy is the last thing on your mind. Make Friends: A Stanford University found that participants who received a phone call about how their progress was going every two weeks increased the amount of exercise they did by about 78% Read More »

Plateau Blasting Training Tips
Posted By on February 24th, 2014 in Vitaminfix Think – Issue 76

Hitting a fitness plateau can hinder results, and hurt your motivation. If you’re hitting a wall with your training results, and you want to get back into it, try these few tips to break that wall and get back to getting the results you want! Why Did You Hit a Plateau? First off, a training plateau is when you are no longer progressing in your workouts. You’ve stopped getting stronger, or you’re not seeing any added muscle growth. A big part of why people hit plateaus is they are no longer modifying their training programs or nutrition plans. The body begins to get comfortable, and stays comfortable until you make some changes. The trick is to give your body new muscles to work instead of just working the muscle tissue that’s already been built up. How to Change Your Training Start by changing a few things in your training and continue to adjust accordingly if your results continue to plateau. First off, always try taking a recovery week of rest especially since your muscles actually grow when you rest and re-fuel properly. Some advantages of doing this: Proper muscle recovery and repair time Gives your joints and ligaments a break Go back to the gym refreshed, and with more motivation than before Plan another rest week 8 weeks out to give you a marker to aim for Now, when you get back in the gym try mixing up your workout by making some of these changes: Post-Failure Heavy Overloading On Read More »

3 Ultimate Leg Workouts

Legs you can show off at the beach or pool are a must-have for Springtime weather. Try these simple 30-45 minute workouts guaranteed to get your leg muscles looking toned and ready to go for summer! It’s important to schedule two days of concentrating on leg workouts. Like most workouts, it’s important to vary the volume and intensity of the workout in order to maximize muscle growth. Leg Work Out #1 (30-45 minutes at the gym) Tri-Set Lunges: 5 sets of 10 reps (on each leg) with no rest between the reps and 30 seconds of rest between each set Squats: 5 sets of 10 reps with 1 minute of rest between each set Leg Curls: There are a few machines at the gym that help you do this. Try doing 5 sets of 15 reps with no rest between the reps, and a minute of rest between each set After the tri-set move on to six sets of standing calf raises with a weight that you can do at least 20 reps with. There is a machine at the gym that is meant for this. Leg Work Out #2 (30-45 minutes at home) Giant-Set Lunges: 5 sets of 10 reps (on each leg) with no rest between reps Dumbbell Squats: 5 sets of 10 reps with 1 minute of rest between each set Stiff Legged Dead-Lifts: 5 sets of 15 reps with no rest between each rep. One-Legged Dumbbell Standing Calf Raises. Do this by grasping a dumbbell in Read More »