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40 Ways to Burn Calories, Whenever & Wherever!

Posted By on November 18th, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 62

Burning calories doesn’t always fit into your daily routine, and sometimes you can go days without squeaking one in.

If you’re like most people, a hectic lifestyle gets in the way of burning calories day to day. So here are 40 ways (weird, wild and wonderful) you can burn calories. Try any of them, so skipping a workout doesn’t bum you out.

1. Do 15-20 jumping jacks while the water boils for your tea.

2. Do crunches for one, (or all) of the commercial breaks during one 30-minute tv show.

3. Walk with high knees to the mailbox, and continue around the block.

4. Make out with your partner for 5 minutes.

5. Use a handcart at the market, not a push cart.

6. Walk the dog.

7. Do the dishes by hand.

8. Go to the laundry mat instead of doing laundry at home.

9. Park in the spot farthest from the door.

10. Take the stairs.

11. Pick your own fruit.

12. Push the stroller for a friend.

13. Rearrange your furniture.

14. Mop the floor by hand.

15. Pace while you talk on the phone.

16. Get away from your desk at lunch.

17. Iron your clothes.

18. Play fetch with the dog.

19. Ride your bike to the corner store for necessities.

20. Pop in a comedy stand-up routine, and laugh for 30 minutes.

21. Play air guitar to your favorite songs.

22. Do wall-sits while you do your hair in the bathroom.

23. Stretch before bedtime.

24. Wash the car by hand.

25. Do calf raises as you wait for a microwave meal.

26. Sit on a balance ball instead of a desk chair.

27. Do a 30-second plank before and after you make the bed.

28. Don’t use the remote. Get up and change the channel.

29. Bounce a ball during leisure time.

30. Chew gum.

31. Do arm circles on the couch, while walking to your front door or any other time you can squeeze it in.

32. Use chopsticks.

33. Clean the shower.

34. Wear a pedometer for a week, and increase your steps during week two.

35. Walk faster – burn more calories.

36. Keep better posture.

37. Squat down when you pick things up.

38. Eat spicy foods, and drink more water.

39. Switch up positions in the sack.

40. Prancercise, just for fun!

Calorie Burn, On-the-Go

These weird, and seemingly strange habits can transform your regular day into one that burns hundreds of extra calories. Get creative! The more you move the closer you get to achieving your weight loss, and healthy lifestyle goals. It’s a simple fact that by keeping your healthy body in mind during the day you are more likely to keep up with your workout regimen when you have the time. Keep looking for new ways to burn calories and you’ll find them. There’s always time to fit in a few extra crunches, if there’s time to watch tv. Just remember that those simple, everyday tasks aren’t keeping you from your goals, if you keep them in mind.

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VitaminFix Think

Issue 62
November 18th, 2013
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