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4 Foods for Sustained Energy

Posted By on February 17th, 2014 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 75

Energy levels can be supported by eating foods that offer nutrients that sustain you, mentally and physically. 

Eating a wide variety of foods that include different colors of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and a few of your favorite superfoods is a great way to boost overall health, and help maintain energy levels throughout the day. But many people have trouble getting through the day without the help of an afternoon cup of coffee, or three. So, this week we’re going to talk about the best foods for energy.

1. Beet Juice: This sweet and richly reddish purple juice adds easily to tons of fresh juice and smoothie recipes. But the taste isn’t the only reason to add it to green goodness blends. Beet juice has recently been discovered to boost energy levels, and stamina! Studies have showed that this is because beet juice increases plasma nitrite concentration, reduces blood pressure and has positive effects on the body’s responses to exercise. And if that’s not enough, the rich colour is indicative of the antioxidant content of this root veggie – it’s loaded with them.

2. Teff: This ancient grain contains large amounts of a newly-discovered type of fibre, known to help maintain steady blood sugar levels. This can help eliminate energy highs and lows caused by simple carbohydrates while also supporting weight loss efforts, colon health and a feeling of vitality. With a mild flavour, this gluten-free grain is easy to use in the kitchen, and versatile enough to boost the nutrient value of all your favorite foods.

3. Water-Dense Fruits & Veggies: Staying hydrated during the day can reduce cravings and a need for snacking on unhealthy foods that rob you of your energy. But you don’t have to constantly be sipping on a water bottle to get the recommended amounts of water into your diet. Consuming water-dense fruits and vegetables can help. Try munching on cantaloupe, strawberries, peaches, watermelon, kiwi, citrus fruits and cucumbers. Most of these foods contain 80 percent water, or more!

4. Tart Cherries: A perfect grab ‘n go snack, cherries can also help you maintain energy levels. That’s because they contain a powerful antioxidant that boosts immunity so you’re at less risk of infections, along with a variety of plant-based sources of melatonin (a sleep hormone). Not getting enough sleep every night can damage next-day cognitive function, impair work performance and deplete energy levels. Get a healthy dose of these important nutrients for a good night’s sleep, lasting energy and to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Issue 75
February 17th, 2014
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