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3 Mind Body Exercises for Mental Health

Posted By on November 10th, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 61

A strong mind body connection can help condition your mental and physical responses to decrease your likelihood of developing depression.

Diabetics often suffer from complications associated with this disease that can lead to mood problems. But by doing mind body exercises, you can reduce your risk of losing touch with your good mood. While regular exercise has been shown to boost the production of brain chemicals that regulate mood, there are specific workouts that help build the mind body connection to offer additional benefits.

Keep the blues away by adding these three exercises to your daily fitness regimen.

Mind Body Exercise #1 Yoga

This ancient practice burns tons of calories, reduces mental and physical stress and improves overall flexibility and mobility. The combination of movements, breathing, stretching, and mediation can lead to a variety of positive effects on both body and mind. This practice can also help reduce everyday stress that can lead to mood problems over time.

Mind Body Exercise #2 Tai Chi

This mind body exercise is a great way to improve mental functions such as concentration, by increasing the flow of what the Chinese call ”chi.” Chi, or life energy is something that when in balance, can offer a variety of health benefits including cardiovascular health, stress reduction and so much more. This graceful low-impact workout has been used for centurions to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mood disturbances while also improving self-esteem. Add it to your mind body fitness regimen to gain all the benefits.

Mind Body Exercise #3 Pilates

This form of exercise works to build core strength, improve posture, alleviate body aches and pains, increase flexibility and improve your mind body connection. Recent research has shown that this low to moderate intensity exercise offers benefits comparable to a cardiovascular workout on a treadmill at 4 miles per hour. This mind body workout burns calories, and improves circulation to promote your overall health, fitness and mood!

Mind Body Exercise #4 Meditation and Deep Breathing

With just 15 minutes a day you can significantly improve your daily mood, and mind body connection. There is no shortage of research that shows a daily meditation practice can help reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses, and depression. As the stress reduction takes place, you may notice also notice a variety of health benefits to your body.

The mind body connection should be nurtured with a combination of healthy lifestyle habits including regular exercise, and mental practices like meditation and breathing techniques. These 3 workouts can help develop this important relationship within yourself to keep those pesky symptoms of a bad mood away. No matter the cause, mood problems can get in the way of your overall wellness. So try these workouts to reduce those mental, physical and emotional stressors that can hold you back.

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Issue 61
November 10th, 2013
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