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15-Minute Kettlebell HITT Workout Routine

Posted By on February 10th, 2014 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 74

Kettlebell workouts using a High Intensity Interval Training technique, (HIIT) can help to jumpstart weight loss efforts and all in just a short 15-minute workout.

Here is a short training routine you can do with just your body, and a set of light kettlebells.

Dip and Kick

Words abdominals, butt, hip flexors and legs

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding kettlebell in left hand; bend left elbow out to side so that left hand is in front of shoulder and ball of kettlebell rests on back of left forearm. Extend right arm out to side at shoulder level, palm down.
  • Lower into a squat, then stand up and kick left leg forward to hip level. Return to squat; continue for 30 seconds.
  • Switch sides (holding kettlebell with right hand and kicking with right leg) and repeat for another 30 seconds.

Kettlebell Lunge

Works abdominals, arms and legs

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding handle of kettlebell in left hand, arms by sides.
  • Lunge forward with right leg, bending both knees 90 degrees, and pass kettlebell under right thigh to grab handle with right hand.
  • Pushing off right heel, return to start position.
  • Repeat, lunging forward with left leg and passing kettlebell under thigh to left hand. Continue, alternating sides, for 1 minute.

Booty Burner

Works abdominals, but and chest

  • Lie faceup on floor with knees bent and heels on floor; grasp a kettlebell in each hand by the handle, arms by sides.
  • Bend elbows to bring kettlebells by sides of chest (the ball of kettlebells rests on back of forearms), then lift butt of floor.
  • Holding lifted position throughout, press kettlebells up. Slowly lower kettlebells to sides of chest, then repeat.
  • Continue for 1 minute.
  • To make it easier, alternate pressing one kettlebell overhead at a time instead of both.

Press Up

Works abdominals and shoulders

  • Lie faceup on floor with knees slightly bent, heels on floor. Hold sides of kettlebell
  • in front of chest with both hands.
  • Slowly lift upper body off floor (until back is upright), pressing kettlebell overhead.
  • Reverse motion back to start.
  • Continue for 1 minute

Benefits of HITT Workouts

These short workouts are intense, but also deliver the maximum amount of results in the least amount of time. Make the most of your sweat sessions with this simple HIIT workout that alternates bursts of efforts, with fixed periods of rest. As you do these routines, leave a rest period of 1-3 minutes between each set, and in just a few minutes a day you’ll be able to turn your body into a fat-burning machine!

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VitaminFix Think

Issue 74
February 10th, 2014
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