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10 Running Tips to Keep You Going!

Posted By on July 15th, 2013 in Vitaminfix Think - Issue 44

Running is sometimes just as much a physical challenge as it is mental.

Here are 10 running tips to help keep you going, even when it gets tough.

1. Make it Fun: If you have to switch up your style to have a little bit of fun, go ahead! Wave your arms around, change your gate or even try Joanna Rohrback’s new workout called “Prancercising.” It’s an exercise craze that may look silly, but hey…it’s fun!

2. Feel the Burn: It’s not going to be easy, but if you want to improve your time and endurance you’re going to have to push harder, every time you go running. Each time, just go one more minute, and that can help you go from a jog to a half-marathon. You can to it!

3. Make a Plan: If you’re training for a 5K or just trying to start a new exercise routine, you’ll need a plan. You can’t reach a goal without first setting one. Start with small weekday runs, and then try for a longer run on the weekend. Or work with a trainer to develop a longer-term plan that works for you.

4. Get Your Rest: Plan to get a few rest days in to allow your body time to recover. Even with low-impact runs your body will have muscle damage, and as you continue to run, you may notice body aches. So, give your body at few rest days every week, to repair damage, and recover. You won’t get any stronger without them.

5. Use an Incline: Running on a treadmill might not be as fun as running outdoors, but it can really improve your time. Training on an inline can take your pace from a ten minute mile to a nine minute mile, and get you up those hills when you do take your routine outside.

6. Take on a Challenge: If you need to start an online challenge, or just set long-term goals along with your short-term goals, do it! Having these challenges in mind as you head out the door can improve your time, and performance.

7. Wear Great Shoes: Splurge on a pair of running shoes that you love. Even if they are a little pricey, a good pair of shoes should take you between 400 and 500 miles, without causing injury or falling apart. If they don’t, try another pair.

8. Say Something: If you can’t hold a conversation while you are working out, you are working too hard. You really shouldn’t be able to be a chatter box, but if you aren’t able to talk during your run, slow it down. Even if you don’t have a running partner, give yourself a talk test, and just say a few things to yourself. If you can’t get through a sentence comfortably, slow your pace.

9. Relax: Posture during your run can last long after you put your shoes up. Keeping your jaw relaxed, your shoulders back and your arms comfortable can help you make better time, and reduce post-workout soreness.

10. Stay Motivated:  Place motivational quotes, pictures and whatever else helps keep your goals in mind around your home, office or gym. Having a workout mantra can also help keep you moving. Repeating a short expression like “I can” or anything other phrase the keeps you going during your run, can help you reach your goals.

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Issue 44
July 14th, 2013
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