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Best Prices on Vitaminfix - Help Info And FAQ- Compare Lowest and Best Prices

Your one stop shop to find 1,000's of healthy products at the best price from our trusted sellers.
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Shipping Help Info & FAQ

What are the changes to Vitaminfix?

Vitaminfix is now your premier price comparison site. That means we no longer process your orders and ship the products to you directly. Instead we provide you with the best available prices from all available sellers online. Once you find the products you want to purchase we will list all the prices for that product and you choose what you want to pay. When you are ready to checkout you simply click the SHOP button and you will be directed to that seller’s website. All the final purchases will be processed by the sellers and not by Vitaminfix..

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Do I purchase products directly from Vitaminfix?

No. Vitaminfix.com is no longer a store. We do not sell anything directly to buyers. We are now providing a side by side comparison of all the best sellers to give you the best opportunity for maximum savings and best of all the service is 100% free to all buyers using Vitaminfix.com. Final checkout purchases are now processed directly with the merchants and not Vitaminfix.com.

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How do I search for my products?

There are multiple ways to search for products on the new Vitaminfix.com. All buyers can shop by categories, brands or ingredients and narrow the search by using the product attributes such as Conditions & Goals, Dosage Form, Quantity and many others. If you have a better idea exactly what you are looking for the SEARCH box at the top of every page can speed up the shopping process.

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Who do I contact if I have a problem with my order?

You can contact the merchants directly regarding any problems with your order. When the order is processed the merchant will charge your account, fill your order and ship the products.

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How do I contact a merchant?

Please visit the merchant’s website directly for all up-to-date contact information. All sellers have multiple ways of contact.

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How do I set my Radar Price alert?

One of the new services offered by Vitaminfix.com is our Radar Price Alerts. To set your price alerts click the “Set Price Alert” button and complete the information for your alerts. Complete the "My Target Price I want to Pay is:" add your email address and submit your radar alert. It’s that easy. We’ll add the price tracking to your account and notify you when the product hits that price so you can buy and save. There is no limit to the amount of products you can be alerted for so feel free to set the prices you want to pay for all your favorite items.

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How do I read or write a product review?

Search for the product you want to review. Once on the product page click “Write a Review” to be to read or write a review under the Reviews tab. All customer reviews for that product will be displayed in this area.

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How do I view my account information?

Click on the Sign In link at the top of the page or the My Account link at the bottom of the page. Login with the email address on file and your password. Once you are in the member’s area you can review and set all your account information.

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Do merchants ship to international customers?

Not all sellers or stores ship to international customers, but some do. Once you find the product you would like to have shipped internationally, proceed to the seller’s website from Vitaminfix.com by choosing the price you want to pay and review their shipping guidelines.

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