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Best Prices on Vitaminfix - Terms of Use- Compare Lowest and Best Prices

Your one stop shop to find 1,000's of healthy products at the best price from our trusted sellers.
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About Us

Living Healthy Just Got Easier!

VitaminFix was born in a moment of utter frustration, visiting a chain health store- stuck in line, gazing at pricey pills as an irked employee stared blankly, my questions unanswered. We all know being healthy is a cornerstone of a good life, but sifting through an endless barrage of information is a nightmare, almost as bad as retail prices on the items you're trying to learn about. VitaminFix & VitaminHeal aim to fix high prices & be your source of insight into the world of healing.

Our Experience:

The Best Brands, According to You!

In the world of vitamins & supplements, quality brands make the utmost difference, the difference between the product working or not working. That's why we strive to offer you as many of your favorite, high quality brands as possible. Unlike those stringent retail chains, VitaminFix can tailor our inventory to meet your needs, so if you don't see the brand or product you want lining our virtual shelves, drop us a line or a note & we will get right on it!

Store Comparisons:

All the best stores in one place.

The internet is a big place and most of us are far too busy to go to 3 different stores to find the best price on the vitamins and supplements we take every day. Now you don’t have to. Vitaminfix.com now provides the best prices available for all your favorite products. Instead of jumping from website to website to see who has the best prices, we now list the prices from all the top stores in one place for you to see and choose how much you want to save.

Rock Bottom Prices:

Making saving easy.

The Rock Bottom Price Guarantee is our way of making the choice of what store to buy from as simple as possible. VitaminFix.com now does all the leg work for you. We will find your favorite products from all the stores selling them and display the prices from those stores in one place for you to decide. Even better, we’ll list the cheapest price we can find first so you can see what you would have paid at any of the other stores. Comparing prices has never been easier or faster.

Radar Alerts:

How much do you want to pay?

Our newest feature on vitaminfix.com is the Radar Alerts. This is our way of notifying you about low prices on all your favorite prices as soon as they drop. All you have to do is create an account so we can get in touch with you, find the products you would like to see on sale and set your price. It’s that easy. When your products hit that price, we’ll notify you immediately and you’re ready to save. It’s like having radar system constantly monitoring the internet for the prices you want to pay for your favorite products.

Informed Decisions:

Learn Healthy, Live Healthy.

There's an ocean of health related information floating around online, it's easy to get stuck in a hurricane of confusion! That's why it's so important for VitaminFix.com to be more than just great deals, we want to be your one-stop health & wellness info shop! Whether you're trying to learn about Cod Liver Oil or just looking for a fun & informative read - we want to meet your needs. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to send us a note at Help@Vitaminfix.com.